Christian | Nerd | Fangirl | Old Soul | Ravenpuff | INFJ

Hi, I’m Aurora Rogers Skywalker. (Obviously that’s not my real name, but it’s my Internet nickname which is derived from the protagonist of my fantasy series, the Avengers, and Star Wars, respectively.) I am many things- a Christian, a nerd, fangirl, computer science major in college, violinist, artist, writer, math lover and costumer. I’m one of those people who uses my left brain (logic and math) and right brain (creativity and art and music) simultaneously, and I really believe I belong in another era! Preferably one where people sewed a lot and wore corsets and carried parasols. 🙂 I’m also a major sci-fi geek. Star Wars and Marvel to be exact.

This blog is all about my addicting and money-sucking but immensely satisfying hobby of costuming. I hope you all enjoy reading about my crazy little adventures! 🙂 You can follow me on Pinterest as ARSkywalker, on DeviantArt as aurorarogerskywalker, and on Facebook on the page Aurora’s Costuming. I’m working on getting an Instagram but my phone doesn’t work with it!


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